Blog #9

Ciao Tutti Voi! We have been diligently working through a time line in Venice regarding her famous Art and Architecture.  Andrea Palladio was the focus of an entire afternoon out in the streets of Venice.  While on the Isola Giudecca and then Isola San Giorgio we could look at the Renaissance style of Palladio and… Continue reading Blog #9

Blog #8

Ciao Tutti Voi, One of my favorite days with the students is porting them via un vaporetto(water bus)  out to the islands of Torcello and Burano.   While we were on Torcello, students immediately shared that they were happy to have waited to come here because in the course of all we have been studying since… Continue reading Blog #8

Blog #7

Ciao Tutti Voi! I have had a “bentornata a casa” last Saturday as I settled back into my routines in Venice.  The students returned from their free weekend Sunday and I surprised them Monday by showing up at the Istututo Venezia where they were in classes.  While I was having a warm welcome back by… Continue reading Blog #7

Blog #6

Ciao Tutti Voi, Native Venetians generally feel like proud, during the main Carnevale week, not to attend places and entertainments defined “touristic”; they “flee” from Campi, Calli e Campielli, attending private parties, going every evening to theaters and concerts. Exactly like our students did, thanks to this course of History of Venetian Theater and Music,during… Continue reading Blog #6

Blog #5

  Ciao Tutti! I’ve chosen to fix on the syllabus the fieldtrip in Vicenza last Saturday not for a coincidence. In these days Venice is in the full of Carnevale, it is so crowded, invaded by a big wave of people coming from every side of the world; in particular, during the week ends, it… Continue reading Blog #5