Blog #4

Ciao Tutti, TIME FLIES! Here we are “halfway”! My simple impression is, at this point of the course, that all of these students had completely received my message. For most of them, this course is a kind of “discovery of a New World” and, to embark on this path, they just needed, as “compass”, some… Continue reading Blog #4

Blog #3

Ciao Tutti, This year our beloved David and Ruth Ackroyd, the endeared Grandparents of our program, have passed the torch foward.  David has been the consummate professor teaching the History and Music class for seven years in Venice.  Ruth, an extraordinary leader, helped with needed administrative tasks, itinerating, and mentoring the students.  My dear friends… Continue reading Blog #3

2017 #2

Ciao Tutti, With two weeks of our abroad experience under our belt, hard to believe, I have embraced every moment with my students on the ground in Venice. This is a hard-working, caring, willing, loads of fun, and treasured bunch.  They have made gallant efforts in all that has been demanded of them in their… Continue reading 2017 #2